Product Care & Features

Side profile view of reclaimed recycled wood shelves made by Tundra Designs in Vancouver, Canada.

Product Features

Natural Beauty

Grains, knots, mineral streaks, checks, cracks, pitch pockets, insect marks, and related staining will all vary among solid wood products.

These are natural qualities and features that add to the character of each piece.

Product Features

Handcrafted Variation

As each product is crafted by hand, dimensional tolerances can be expected and may vary by product.

Please expect +/- 1/4" for all solid wood products.

*Depth of live edge shelves may vary greatly depending on the nature of the live edge.

Product Features


Our wood pieces are finished in a variety of oil-based stains, oils, and protective clear coats.


Protective Clear Coat: When requested, multiple layers of a protective clear coat are applied to prevent any moisture from reaching the wood.


Colour tone of all finishes are affected by the grain, knots, and natural characteristics of the solid wood and therefore may vary from piece to piece.

  • Moisture

    Regardless of the finish, any moisture or water droplets should be wiped up immediately if it comes in contact with the product.


    Our protective clear coat finishes are recommended for any shelves that will serve a functional purpose. This includes bathrooms or kitchens where items will frequently be placed and removed (i.e.. towels and dishware).

  • Climatization

    Every piece is dried but will continue to adapt to its environment over time. Every climate, household, and location will have different levels of moisture and heat, leading to possible checking, cracking, and bowing. 

    By fixing the shelves to their brackets, you can minimize the changes you will see in the boards after bringing them home.

  • Natural Protection

    Cedar is naturally a rot-resistant softwood and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

  • Ongoing Care

    Wipe any stains or marks with a damp microfiber cloth. Not all stains or marks are removeable if left for an extended period of time.

    Dust on a regular basis to keep your shelves looking pristine.

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  • Checking

    When our solid wood products are brought to their new home, they will generally acclimatize within the first year. During this time, continued adaptation may accentuate characteristic checks, or generate new ones.


    This is not considered a quality defect as this is a natural characteristic and does not compromise the structural integrity of the solid wood product.

  • Wood Movement

    During the acclimatation period, wood movement can be expected in the form of slight warping or bowing. This is a natural occurrence in many solid wood shelves.


    To help minimize this movement, install your shelves and anchor the bottom to the brackets immediately upon arrival to your home.