Custom Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

Need shelving for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, entrance, etc.? Our Rustic Farmhouse Shelves are available in a variety of lengths, depths, and stains - perfect for any home!

Please visit our product care and features page prior to placing an order.

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Our Rustic Farmhouse line is readily available upon request.


All of our stains (except for 'Expresso') are oil-based finishes that provide a light protective layer that is sufficient for most applications. 

A protective clear coat is recommended for functional shelves used on a daily basis (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). If your shelves are intended for decorative use (hold books, plants, trinkets), a protective clear coat may not be necessary. 

Size Restrictions:
Available Depths: 3.5" - 11"
Available Lengths: 1' - 10'

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Material: Spruce

Please visit our product care and features page for an in-depth list of what to expect from a solid wood piece prior to placing an order.


Size Restrictions:
Available Depths: 3.5" - 11"
Available Lengths: 1' - 10'

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